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Friday, May 08, 2009

Paul Helmke and Josh Sugarmann vie for 'Saddest Clown' title

Last week, Thirdpower bestowed upon Josh Sugarmann the apt title "sad clown." This was in reference to Sugarmann's complaints about what the gun haters view as foot-dragging on the forcible citizen disarmament lobby.

He's upset that the new administration hasn't followed through on their promises to ban guns and instead have recognized the political reality that doing so would hand Congress back to the Republicans on a silver platter. He wants O to use his executive powers and bypass the legislature since there's virtually no chance of getting anything passed there currently.
Thirdpower also pointed out Helmke's similar sadness.

I also wrote a bit about both Josh's and Paul's laments.
Apparently, both Helmke and Sugarmann want Obama to exercise legislative powers he no longer has, in addition to his executive powers, judging from their calls that he pass a new "assault weapons" ban, and close the "gun show loophole."

The anti-gun jihadists are finding it more and more difficult to hide their frustration over the decision, by both the White House and most of Congress, to wait for the time to be ripe before striking on the anti-gun agenda.
Now, Helmke has a new complaint: "Obama Administration Fails to Remove Gun Lobby Language from Budget."
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is profoundly disappointed that President Obama has failed to follow through with his promises for 'openness' by reaffirming much of the so-called Tiahrt Amendments.

This means a continuation of the reckless Bush-era policies that endanger public safety and make it easier for criminals to obtain illegal firearms.
It's almost as if Obama knows that the citizen disarmament lobby wasn't a factor in getting him elected, and that there's no point in burning political capital just to appease them.

If that's true, Helmke and Sugarmann could end up being very sad clowns.

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