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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brady Campaign rhetoric then and now: what a difference six months makes

I will probably be accused (with, perhaps, some justification), of the same kind of gloating the forcible citizen disarmament advocates so recently enjoyed so thoroughly. The difference is that I am ever mindful of how quickly politicians' loyalties (is that an oxymoron?) can shift. Given a sufficiently horrid tragedy to exploit (what did White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel say about wasting a "serious crisis"?), the War on Guns will get the kind of "surge" General Petraeus could only envy.

I also agree with National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea's concerns about tying gun rights to a bill that is itself blatantly unconstitutional. Gun rights advocates hold the Constitutional high ground, and in "danc[ing] with the devil," as David aptly describes it, we're voluntarily surrendering a piece of that high ground. What that will cost us in the long run may not be known right away, but rest assured it will cost us something. [More]
Today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner gleefully rubs some salt into the wounds suffered by the Brady Campaign's collective psyche. Not very noble behavior, I suppose, but one takes one's opportunities for fun as they present themselves. Join me in a laugh at Helmke's expense.