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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A chance for campus carry in TX?

JR tells us that the Texas campus carry bill, SB 1164, has passed in the Senate, and now goes to the House, where it faces both an uphill battle and a race against time.

This bill is off to the House. As mentioned previously, this bill's first stop will be in the Public Safety Committee. We should be able to move through this committee quickly and without further amendments.

Once through the Public Safety Committee, the bill goes to Calendars. The Chair of the Calendars Committee, Representative Brian McCall, pretty much killed the House version of this bill and is working to kill the Employer Parking Lot bill, another bill that has passed the Senate.

If this bill is to see debate on the House floor, we will need to focus our efforts on contacting the members of the Calendars Committee and the House leadership to let them know that we want to see this bill on the Calendar early enough that will receive a fair debate and a vote by the full House.
If we could just combine the Texas State Senate with the Missouri State House, we could get a bill through (we would probably want the Texas Governor, as well).

Anyway, SB 1164 needs help, so if you live in Texas, make the calls JR suggests (of course if you live in TX, you ought to be reading A Keyboard and a .45, anyway).