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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The anti-gunners and New Math--more on the '90%' lie

Busy day today, so in addition to getting my blog post up hours later than usual, I'm taking the lazy route, and will just have a couple comments about David's Gun Rights Examiner article today.

First, read the article, if you haven't already--it's definitely worth the time.

In it, he quotes an Associated Press article, "Mexico cartel weapons cache stymies tracing." We've kinda talked about that before--while many would have us believe that "90%" of the guns seized from Mexican drug cartel gunmen were bought on the U.S. civilian market, in actuality, no one has any idea about 90% of the seized guns, because only a fraction of those have actually been traced.

That brings us to the AP article telling us this:

In all, the military has 305,424 confiscated weapons locked in vaults, just a fraction of those used by criminals in Mexico...
. . . and this . . .
The Mexican government has handed over information to U.S. authorities to trace 12,073 weapons seized in 2008 crimes...
In other words, we don't have trace data for even four percent of the seized guns.

In an even bigger death blow to the "90%" lie, U.S. gun dealers account for nowhere near 90% of even that tiny percentage.
About a third of the guns submitted for tracing in 2007 were sold by licensed U.S. dealers.
So that puts us at about 1.3% of the seized guns being traced back to the U.S. civilian market--and the liars of the forcible citizen disarmament lobby are still pushing the "90%" myth. That would mean they're inflating the numbers by a factor of 67.5. Hell--if you're gonna lie, lie big, I guess.

Oh--one more thing.
Indeed, the ATF gave the AP data showing the average "time to crime" - the time between when a gun was sold and when it was seized in a crime - is 14 years.
There was something going on fourteen years ago . . . don't tell me--I'll remember in a second. Oh yeah--now I remember--fourteen years ago, there was a federal ban on "assault weapons" in place (and a longer-standing import ban). Somehow, we're supposed to believe that a new such ban will help disarm the cartels this time.

For the gun prohibitionists (David calls them the "gun grabber cartel"--I like it) to pass a new such ban, the American public will have to swallow a huge pack of lies. Spread the word--don't let the lies go unchallenged.