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Thursday, May 28, 2009

CheyTac no longer discriminating against non-'Only Ones'?

Almost two years ago, I expressed my unhappiness with CheyTac, a maker of "precision rifles"* who at that time offered one version of their M200 Intervention rifle for government purchasers, and a less accurate version for civilians--actually, they acted as if they were doing civilians a favor, because until then, they hadn't offered any version of the M200 to us lowly non-"Only Ones":

Until now, the CheyTac Intervention M-200 was restricted to Military and Law Enforcement sales only due to its impressive capabilities and a desire by the CheyTac ownership to maintain every advantage with our Operators in the field. Now, CheyTac engineers have developed a mildly de-rated version of the M-200 named the CIV ( Civilian Intervention Version) to offer the long range competitor the outstanding capability of the M-200 while limiting its effective range to significantly less than that of the current Military versions.

CheyTac believes that in these times all responsible companies should first consider the American and allied troops in the field when offering long range precision rifle systems to the public at large.
In other words, you would be paying (apparently) well over $10k for a rifle that had been deliberately rendered less accurate than it's potential, because the grown-up version was "too accurate" for civilians. What a deal!

I stumbled on that blog post when digging up background for my GRE article for today, and out of curiosity, clicked on the link about the CheyTac's civilian model rifle, only to find that the link was dead. Looking at CheyTac's main site, the M200 is still apparently their top of the line rifle, but what I don't see is any mention of a "civilian version."

Knesek Guns carries the M200
, without any government-agency-sales-only policy I could see anywhere.

It looks to me as if CheyTac (belatedly) realized that voluntarily being the Dianne Feinsteins of the gun industry was bad business. If so, better late than never, I guess.


tom said...

They were the only manufacturer that did such things officially (H&K discriminates but they pretend they don't) and there are other rifles in that league or better in differnt ways as far as loooooong range shooting.

They changed their "principles" because they realized they were losing a lot of sales.

For my money, I'd Rather have an Anzio in 20mm anyway because they're more fun at about the same shooting cost, if I were spending that kind of coin (friend owns one of their magazine rifles with electrical ignition, it'll zap things WAY out there), and if you want to stick to the smaller calibers like Chey-Tac does, there are a number of custom builders that will make you better rifles, albeit they don't come with PDA computing aids. You'd have to sort that part out yourself...not that people would ever have reverse engineered their PDA system and created work-alikes...

They didn't have a change of heart, methinks. They had a change of status of their business checking account like Cooper and the Lon advert.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

No argument here about what motivated them.

I've had a perverse dream of firing one of those Anzio monsters ever since I found out about them.

I wonder how many folks (aside from you) refer to .408 Chey-Tac as one of the "smaller calibers" ;-).

tom said...

Wanna know the funny thing?

20mm is cheaper to reload than Chey-Tac. Just a matter of finding some lbs of 872, the electrically primed shells are actually cheaper than the percussion ones and way easier to get than primers for fair price right now, that's why friend converted his to electric ignition. Projectiles are $0.60-1.50/each depending on type. Comes out to about the same cost as shooting .50BMG but you need a Rock Crusher Press. Wimpy reloading presses need not apply

tom said...

Use of word "shells" was intentional as the electrical ones aren't brass, in case it matters. Non-Reusable unless you did a lot of work to do so. Sorta like shotgun shells but less reloadable...