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Friday, May 29, 2009

ICPGV's imagination runs wild about IL HB 182

These people are truly deranged.

A week ago today, I wrote about the ICPGV's continuing shrill opposition to Illinois House Bill 182 (which I first mentioned here), which if passed, will make the very minimal change of protecting one's right to possess a firearm not only at one's own residence, but at the residence of a friend, as well. They continued in this opposition despite a Senate amendment that explicitly clarifies the fact that nothing changes with regard to the current illegality of carrying a firearm in public.

As it turns out, they weren't done with the hysteria last week:

5/28/09 –House Floor Vote on HB 182 Anticipated

Urge Your State Representative to Oppose HB 182 – Dangerous Bill Would Allow Concealed Handguns into People’s Homes and Threaten Public Safety

HB 182 would change Illinois law governing the concealed carrying of handguns and threaten public safety. Since 1961, Illinois has prohibited the carrying of concealed firearms outside of an individual’s land, abode, or fixed place of business. HB 182 will allow a person to carry a concealed handgun into another person's home.

Bottom line - this is a bad law. Guns in the home increase the chances of homicide, suicide and accidents. Just imagine:
  • A domestic violence offender, who is a prohibited purchaser and not allowed to have a gun, calls his friend to come over to his house with his gun to intimidate his partner.

  • A drug dealer selling drugs out of his home has armed bodyguards to avoid being charged with unlawful possession.

  • A young adult throws a house party, friends come over carrying guns, and it quickly gets out of control.
We urge you to call or email your Representative and ask them to oppose HB 182. Click here to take action. Click here for the “Oppose HB 182” fact sheet.
Never mind that in all three cases, the scenarios described above would still be illegal--using a friend's gun "to intimidate [one's] partner" would still be illegal; using guns to facilitate illicit drug trade would still be illegal; and minors getting "out of control" with guns (and drugs and/or alcohol?) would still be illegal. All three happen all the time in Illinois now, despite those activities being illegal (and despite the fact that currently, just bringing the guns over is additionally illegal).

The ICHV is also upset about this, but marginally less insanely so:
This bill focuses on where people can possess a firearm. Originally, the measure said it would not be a violation to carry a firearm in someone else’s home even if the homeowner did not approve of you having a firearm in their home.

An amendment added to the bill has made it more acceptable. Now, the bill says that you can only bring a firearm onto another person's property if you have that person's permission. The authority, then, rests in the hands of the property owner.

This bill passed the Senate with the amendment and will go back to the House for concurrence.

While the new amendment made the bill better, we still do not support the measure. In our view the bill increases the risk of unintended gun death and injury since research has shown that a loaded gun in the home is more likely to kill or injure a person in that home than to be used in self-defense.
The first paragraph is a straight-up lie--the bill, even before the Senate amendment, did nothing to require a host to allow armed guests (who wouldn't, after all, be guests--they'd be home invaders).

Time is running out on this minuscule advancement for Illinois gun rights. If you live in the state--how 'bout giving your state representative a call about supporting it in the concurrence vote? Call Governor Quinn's office, too, urging him to sign it, if and when it does pass.

Update: The House concurrence vote passed easily today (90-28), so the bill goes to Governor Quinn's desk for his signature. He's not exactly a friend of gun owners, but he wouldn't really have to be in order to sign this. If he does veto, it would seem to have plenty of support for an override, but it's hard to predict who will flip-flop rather than vote against a governor of their own party. In the meantime--don't let him get lonely.


Anonymous said...

You are a retard, you should not be allowed to own or handle a firearm.What you propose is to limit law abiding citizens in order to attempt to control the criminal element.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

What the hell are you talking about, Mr. Bravely Anonymous? I propose no such thing--HB 182, which I support, would make Illinois gun laws less strict (not by nearly enough, but you have to start somewhere).

Did you even read the blog post before you decided to comment on it?

autogod said...

I prefer to be able to protect myself and family while waiting for law enforcement to arrive. Kum by yah probably won't stop the violent thugs from raping and killing your family while you wait for LE to arrive. But good luck with it anyway! 45 is correct stating HB 182 is a start. Keep up the good info 45superman.........c