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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

'Assault Rifle Ban Would Enhance Rights . . . '

There's some New Jersey "logic" for you. I don't know if even Illinois legislators are brazen enough to make a claim like that, but that's what a "study," released by a "non-partisan" group in NJ claims--"NEW ANALYSIS: ASSAULT RIFLE BAN WOULD ENHANCE RIGHTS OF BATTLEFIELD RE-ENACTORS." The group in question is the Office of Legislative Services (OLS), and the proposed law under discussion, New Jersey A-2116, is actually a ban on .50 caliber rifles (including in-line muzzleloaders) and handguns.

So "How," you ask, "would such a law enhance rights?" I'll just let OLS explain:

The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services (OLS) analysis found the legislation would enhance the rights of battlefield re-enactors. That’s because it includes an exemption for antique and muzzle loading firearms with a caliber greater than 60 that use a traditional flintlock or cap lock and rely on black powder.

A popular firearm for Revolutionary War re-enactors is the Brown Bess, a .75-caliber muzzleloader that, it turns out, is actually illegal to possess under state law.
Ah, well that explains it, then; it makes it easier to re-enact the Revolutionary War. On the other hand, it does make it more difficult to actually fight a battle to throw off modern tyranny, but we are apparently to believe that that's a small price to pay. If I seem to be trivializing Revolutionary War re-enacting, that's not at all my intention--I think it's a fine way to honor the courage and sacrifice that won American liberty, and established our national and cultural identity.

Still, given a choice between the ability to legally re-enact the War of Independence, and the ability to acquire the tools for fighting a potential future War of Restoration, I would have to put the re-enactment in second place.

Anyone who believes that such a law would be a net gain for rights must also believe "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength."


Thirdpower said...

More sudoku math.

tom said...

What if I want to re-enact with my .577 Snider Rifles and Carbines? Why the hole between 50 and 60?

tom said...

Re-read and saw the cap/flint requirement, so what about my .577 Enfields that didn't get modified into Sniders?

Bloody Racists!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Tom, if you needed another reason to stay away from New Jersey, you now have it.

me said...

Hey, since religion has been a source of wars maybe we should limit what religions you can participate in here. After all, religions deals with a higher spiritual power, a God who has various names in different religions. You can still exercise your right to practice religion, just not the one you WANT TO. We won't have conflicts of religions, and less wars here, so you'll be safer.

lead balloon anyone?

Ya know, if the damn actors union does go on strike I say we send all the damn politicians out to LA. They're damn good actors, and all they want is to be rich, famous, and powerful.