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Monday, January 26, 2009

The new push to ban so-called 'assault weapons'

One type of proposed federal law that incessantly comes up for discussion is a new federal ban on so-called "assault weapons." The last such ban, of course, expired in 2004, after which, suddenly . . . such firearms continued to be used in only a tiny percentage of violent crimes. That little detail hasn't deterred the gun prohibitionists, though, who constantly comb the news waiting for the next killing in which such firearms are used, in order to have something to point to in order to make their case.

This time, it's Miami that has provided fodder for the citizen disarmament advocates, with a shooting involving an "AK-47" (I suspect that it was a semi-automatic copy of an AK-47, rather than a real, fully automatic one--real AK-47s have been, and continue to be, regulated under laws much more restrictive than the AWB). [More]
My latest St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column is up. Until now, I've focused exclusively on local St. Louis area gun rights issues. Starting today, though, I'm broadening the focus a bit. Please give it a look and spread the word.

Also, there's a new Gun Rights Examiner--Paul Valone, the Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner.
Paul Valone is a Second Amendment veteran who directs Grass Roots North Carolina (www.GRNC.org) and who regularly impacts local, state and federal gun laws. He will advise gun rights supporters of impending threats.
Please give him a warm welcome.


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