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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now that's audacity

I have, more than once, tried to get Americans United for Separation of Church and State to act on their stated mission, and go after "Snuffy" Pfleger's blatant politicking from the pulpit.

It seems, though, that AUSCS is only interested in stopping certain kinds of church politicking (and lobbying for citizen disarmament laws, campaigning for anti-gun politicians, and against pro-gun politicians, is apparently not what offends them), because, aside from a vague promise to look into it, I never heard anything from them--until now.

Yep--they want money--in part to help them end "church politicking":

8. Help preserve the ban on church politicking
The Alliance Defense Fund spent much of last year urging pastors to openly defy the law banning church politicking, eager to get a new test case in the courts. AU must be ready to meet this legal challenge and make sure the ban on pulpit politicking is upheld by Congress.
Find another sucker, guys.


Thirdpower said...

Never mind Snuffy's blatant politicking by passing out flyers saying who to vote for.

I never even got a response from the AUSCS on that one.