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Friday, January 09, 2009

But then again . . .

Yesterday, I praised STI for joining Barrett Firearms in cutting off the criminal government of California (and yes--in violating the Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental, absolute human right of the individual to keep and bear arms, California has violated the supreme law of the land--that's criminality, in my book). I very deeply admire the moral courage of any commercial enterprise willing to voluntarily sacrifice its bottom line, out of a sense of moral responsibility and reverence for the Constitution.

After giving it some more thought, though, it occurs to me that a much sterner test could soon be coming. I refer, of course, to the coming storm of federal citizen disarmament laws (and/or unilateral rulings by an unelected official--very possibly one with a huge chip on his shoulder regarding the Second Amendment) with which we are now faced.

Barrett, especially, does a great deal of business with the federal government, mostly in .50 caliber rifles. What happens if/when the Brady Bunch gets its way in regard to those (from page 14)?

Congress should enact strong legislation that closes the loopholes in the previous assault weapons statute and restricts civilian ownership of other weapons that were originally designed for military use, such as .50 caliber sniper rifles that have the range and power to bring down aircraft. High-capacity ammunition magazines and armor-piercing bullets should be similarly restricted.
I'm sure the business Barrett did with the California government was substantial, but it could hardly compare to what they earn in sales to the feds.

Are they willing to turn their backs on that business, too?

Personally, I'm an optimist (at least in this regard), and I have confidence that Ronnie Barrett will do the right thing.

I hope, of course, that we never find out whether or not my confidence is misplaced.


Anonymous said...

If Barrett did that, there wouldn't be anything stopping the Federal government from just seizing the company. Defense contractors often give up certain rights federal contract, so that the government is assured of uninterrupted access to whatever it needs for killing buttloads of people. And absent that, enough other industries have been nationalized in the last three months that no one would bat an eye at seizing the means of production for this particular product.

me said...

SHRUG Barrett!

I don't know if I can see him doing that. I hope he would, but the vacuum would quickly pull someone else in. It's business.

I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I know they have to make money to survive but it still stinks. You are correct HH, another whore would step in.

Look at Smith & Wesson for example.

If they have to sell, they should sell these weapons at a full mark-up to gov agencies and give out a citizen discount.