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Monday, January 19, 2009

Just call me Mr. Popular

Not bad, considering I just started late last week, and just put up my third column today.

I'm not at all trying to present myself as a potential Pulitzer winner, or even that I'll ever become more than a small voice for the gun rights movement--just trying to hammer home the point that there is indeed a ready audience outside the gun blogosphere for a discussion about gun rights that isn't dominated by people who want to trample them.

We would be crazy not to engage that audience to the best of our abilities.


Home on the Range said...

Mr. Zachery pointed you my way. I've added you in to the sidebar at the Range which has my list of Second Amendment bloggers. Keep up the fine work.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Much appreciated, Brigid. I'm reciprocating your link now.

Armed US Citizen said...

Great job! by the way, You are on my blog list also

great tag.....because the 45 makes everyone a superman. Do not take my guns!

The_Chef said...

Well done sir!

Hopefully you and David can at least provide a forum for rational discussion.