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Monday, January 19, 2009

Gun Rights Examiner columns gaining momentum

This is pretty cool:

With millions of Americans now buying guns like never before, one interesting news analysis organization is matching numbers, it seems, for what the armed citizen is really all about, and how he or she plays a powerful role in all our freedoms.

"Examiner.com’s regular columns to balance anti-gun programs are reaching growing audiences," National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea said today.
My own St. Louis GRE column (which today looks at anti-gun St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay) is the newest and smallest of the bunch, but even it is doing very well in the St. Louis edition of Examiner.com, after only half a week. David's National Gun Rights Examiner (which today talks some more about Eric Holder, and the seeming unwillingness to fight his confirmation on the part of people who should know better) is really kicking butt, as are John Longenecker's LA Gun Rights Examiner and Daniel White's Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner.

These columns can go a long way toward bringing the gun rights discussion mainstream. Imagine if the Brady Bunch didn't monopolize Big Media's ear.

On second thought, let's stop imagining that. Tell a friend.


Anonymous said...

"On second thought, let's stop imagining that. Tell a friend."

Even God would say "Amen, dammit" to that.