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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Miscellaneous updates (most of them related to the effort to block the Holder confirmation)

Every new piece of information I come across related to Eric Holder provides yet more reason to fight his confirmation, so if any readers are getting tired of "all Holder, all the time," they're just going to have to deal with it. By the way, want one more reason for gun owners to fight this appointment tooth and nail? How about a move to give the AG the power to ban guns at will?

I'll start with some great work by JR, at A Keyboard and a .45, in putting together this contact list for members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. These are the folks, in addition to your own U.S. Senators, who need our letters, calls, and emails laying out the objections (of which there are a bunch) to this appointment.

On Monday, I provided a copy of the letter I wrote to my own (although I don't enjoy claiming him) Senator Durbin, said letter not even mentioning gun rights, because Durbin is just as enthusiastic about trampling them as Holder is. That was probably not the best idea on my part, because a) if I had waited a day, I could have drawn from David Codrea's much better list of points; and b) as David points out today, it's probably best that everyone write his/her own letter, rather than us sending a "canned" letter. When composing the correspondence, mention gun rights concerns, or not, depending on how hostile to such concerns the particular Senator in question is. You can get an idea about that by checking the NRA Candidate Grades and Endorsements and the GOA Senate Ratings.

Mike Vanderboegh challenges us to shake our supposed "leaders" in gun rights advocacy out of their lethargy, and get them to issue an "all points bulletin" to mobilize folks for the Holder-holding effort. Jeff Knox, of the Firearms Coalition, has been leading the charge--the NRA and GOA, not so much. That needs to change. Light 'em up:
NRA web contact form
GOA web contact form
CCRKBA email address

Finally, and in a break from Holder, I'm thinking about a format change here at Armed and Safe. Most days, I do one fairly long post, about one topic, and if anything else comes up that day, I leave it for later. If I see it as really important or time sensitive, I'll add another post. It seems that most of my favorite gun bloggers, on the other hand, tend to write several posts per day, although each might be no more than a paragraph or two. I'm thinking it might be time for me to try to follow suit. I mention that mainly so that if I do it, readers won't be too surprised, but if anyone has any thoughts one way or another about the idea, lay 'em on me.


Anonymous said...

Go for it. Your insight is valuable and almost always deadly accurate. We need you.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hey--good to see you around, SA. And as always, thanks for the encouragement.

Sebastian said...

Both lengthy posts and several smaller ones have their place. I haven't found your mix to be too much one way or the other. Multiple smaller posts seems to attract higher traffic though, so if that is your goal, you will do better with multiple, smaller posts. However, blogs that only post one or two good posts a day are easier to follow, and more likely to be read on a more regular basis. The balance is tough, but I suppose it depends on what your goals are.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks for the input, Sebastian. So far, I'm having a bit of trouble making it work. My idea of one long post, followed by several short ones has instead (today, at least) ended up being one long one, followed by another long one, followed by a slightly shorter one.

Not exactly what I'd had in mind.