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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Close the military base loophole

Maybe someone can explain to me how "stronger gun laws" would have stopped this guy from arming himself rather impressively.

In four searches in Bellevue and Spokane, agents seized 37 machine guns, 12 silencers, two grenade launchers, more than 60 high-explosive grenades, several pounds of military-grade C-4 plastic explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition.
Enough to make my gun safe seem a little skimpy. But where did he get it all?
ATF Special Agent Heidi Wallace said much of the recovered ordnance was almost certainly stolen from the military because there is no other place to get it.
Really? I figured he just got the stuff from those damned American gun shows. Guess there's only one thing to do: disarm the military.


Anonymous said...

Either the "Damned American Gun Shows" or those gun shops stacked end to end on the border with Mexico where you can buy RPG's etc.

me said...

did he bring enough for everyone? if not I'm sending him home with a stern note to his parents.