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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I hope this Meek inherits some grammar instruction

On Sunday, Thirdpower wrote about yet another term that is apparently supposed to be even scarier than "assault weapons" (itself a made-up term designed to scare and mislead the public)--now, they're "weapons of war."

That, apparently, is going to be the next buzz-term in the push to ban semi-automatic, detachable magazine fed rifles.

Speaking of the Miami "AK-47" (probably not a real, fully-automatic capable, AK-47, or it would fall under federal laws much more restrictive than the expired AWB) shootings, Congressman (and Senate candidate) Kendrick Meek has added his voice to those who want to use this crime as an excuse to ban more guns.

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek said today that last week’s shooting in Miami that left seven injured and two dead shows the need for reinstating the federal ban on assault weapons.

“We I [sic] think we should go back to the assault weapons ban, just for the very reason to prevent what happened the day before yesterday,” he said this morning in a brief interview.
Just like the old AWB prevented Columbine, Congressman? Oh--never mind--it didn't prevent Columbine, or any of the other shootings involving the firearms in question that occurred during the ban.
“I’ve talked with some community groups about the fact that we cannot allow this kind of violence to continue.

“Definitely when you have these AK-47s in the hands of individuals that are undesirables are [sic] something that should not be tolerated. Of course it needs to be dealt with more sooner [sic] than later because it goes to show you with those high-powered rifles in the wrong hands, it can definitely bring about the loss of life that we just experienced.”
For someone so intent on banning so-called "assault weapons," Representative Meek sure commits a great many unprovoked assaults on the English language.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

His idiocy doesn't surprise me, but his apparent unfamiliarity with the English language caught me off guard.

Anonymous said...

If one is good enough on his knees, he doesn't need to be good at much else.

For instance, we already know he wasn't smart enough to hold down a real job. He's been a cop and a politician, why would we expect him to be a grammarian?

Frederick H Watkins said...

How do "they" know it was an AK-47?