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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Some housekeeping

A bit of a mixed bag of things I should have taken care of already:

David Codrea
will be on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio today at 2 PM (Eastern). The topic will apparently be predictions on gun rights politics for 2009 (a somewhat frightening prospect, but no less important for that).

Also (and there's real time pressure here), if one registers at RNCDebate.org (a quick, painless process, that doesn't require one to provide personal or sensitive information), one can help determine what questions will be asked in tomorrow's debate (1:00 PM Eastern) for the Republican National Committee chairmanship. If you spend two minutes on it, you're taking your time--there's that little excuse to not bother. David Codrea asked (HTML code isn't allowed in the submissions on the RNCDebate website, but I inserted some links in the quote below, for the sake of clarity):

I want an unequivocal statement from each candidate on the right to keep and bear arms. I should note that Mr. Blackwell looks good*, and Mr. Steele's bizarre advocacy that "society should draw line" about the right to own semiautos** makes him about as acceptable to gun owners as Barack Obama. How about the rest of the field? No equivocation, please! It will be recognized and held against you. * "Gun Rights and Presidential Politics," Townhall.com, Nov. 26, 2007 ** Washington Post interview Oct 16, 2006
I, being an unapologetic plagiarizer when it suits me, asked pretty much the same thing, and Pistolero has a good question, as well. Time is running out on this, folks, and I hope the importance of it is obvious. By the way, in addition to submitting questions of your own, once you register, you can vote on questions already submitted. "Yes" votes on the three questions linked to above would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, I want to (very belatedly) thank Masters in Criminal Justice (a web resource for those interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice) for including Armed and Safe among their Top 50 Constitutional Law Blogs (#22, in the "Second Amendment" category). I'm not sure how my blog (not bad for a wannabe "3%" blogger) was chosen for that, when so many others were not, but it's much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Registered and posted comments and questions accordingly. Thanks for the tip.

opaww said...

Done...I also made sure your Blog was on my new web site sense I have trouble with Google site I had to find a new one.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, guys.

Opaww, I updated the link in my blogroll.

AlanDP said...

My question is #658.

Congrats on getting listed in that top 50 list. Also thanks for that link because their "top 100 open source security tools" looks like a list that's well worth spending some time investigating.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, Alan.

I've been pleased at today's flood of gun rights related questions coming in all day, and have been submitting lots of "Yes" votes (your question included).

By the way, this question is a good candidate for a "No" vote.

The NRA won the debate and not even the opposition is dumb enough to push gun control, yet far too many Republicans think the 2nd Amendment is the most critical issue. How do you take their enthusiasm and translate it into fighting on the issues that are in play?